8 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

by | Jan 19, 2023 | AC Maintenance

In hot weather, your air conditioning system is your family’s key to comfort and health. From dehumidifying the air in your home to providing a good night’s sleep by keeping you cool, it’s a fundamental fixture that you expect to operate smoothly.

But sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you turn on the AC, and something seems a little off—a strange sound, a little drip of water, or a temperature that doesn’t seem satisfactorily consistent. Though it may be tempting to brush off minor issues like these amidst your busy day, our recommendation is: Don’t.

A properly functioning air conditioner should not be exhibiting issues, big or small. And besides, a small issue now is often the harbinger of a bigger issue to come—probably on the hottest, busiest day of your week—if Murphy’s Law has anything to do with it.

So, if your air conditioner is getting a little older or hasn’t been maintained for a while, pay attention to the cues it’s giving you and call for air conditioning repair in New Braunfels sooner rather than later.

How will you know what to be on the lookout for? Here’s Classic Air Conditioning & Heating’s list of the top eight signs that your air conditioner may need a little extra love:

1. Your System Is Blowing Warm Air

It doesn’t take technical training to know that the air coming out of your AC unit is supposed to be cold. If warm or hot air is blowing out, you could have a condenser issue, duct leakage, or low refrigerant levels, to name a few possible causes.

No matter the reason, you’ll definitely want a technician to take a peek!

2. The AC Thermostat Isn’t Working

Without a properly functioning thermostat, your AC system doesn’t know how much cold air to generate. Simple as that. And an uninformed air conditioner can make for an uncomfortable home environment.

When dealing with electrical components such as thermostats, it’s best to play it safe and involve a professional HVAC technician.

3. Loud Noises Are Coming From the AC Unit

Though you may enjoy the peaceful hum of your air conditioning unit gently emitting dry, cool air, you most certainly will not appreciate grinding, squealing, scraping, or banging. Noises like this are warning signs that all is not well in AC land!

Whether you’ve got a loose belt, a broken component, or debris has made its way inside your unit, strange sounds should be taken seriously to avoid further damage.

4. Not Enough Humidity Is Being Removed

One of the major benefits of air conditioning units is that they remove moisture from the air in your home. If you’re feeling dampness—or, worse yet, noticing mold or mildew—it’s time to investigate what’s going on. Sometimes it’s as easy as changing a filter or managing your AC settings differently. No matter what, an experienced HVAC technician can help.

5. There Are Strange Odors When the AC Is Turned on

The air being filtered through your AC unit should come out smelling fresh. If you’re noticing any other strange or unpleasant odors, there’s something funky occurring. Pest infiltration, burned-out wire insulation, or mold growth within your system are all potential causes that could be detrimental to your family’s health. Take note, and don’t ignore what your nose is telling you.

6. You Have a Rising Electric Bill

A rising electric bill is not always a sign that something’s wrong with your AC system, but sometimes it can be. Air conditioning requires a lot of energy, so in warm weather, it’s normal for your bills to reflect that. But if your energy bills are suddenly much higher than they were during the same season last year, it might be worth investigating further. A problem with your AC could be the culprit.

7. Your AC Is Shutting off & on Repeatedly

If your AC keeps shutting on and off, the most likely cause is a problem with your thermostat (see #2 above). That being said, a unit that won’t stay on consistently is a drain in every possible way and can have multiple causes. Have a technician do a thorough work-up to find out how to get your unit back on track.

8. There’s Moisture Leaking Around Your Unit

Air conditioners do produce water, but moisture is not supposed to be leaking inside your home. While the cause may be as simple as a broken or blocked condensate disposal tube, it could also be a refrigerant leak (which could be poisonous). Be cautious regarding any unexplained leaks from your air conditioner, and get the problem repaired as soon as possible.

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