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When people think of Texas, they picture hot summer days and sweltering temperatures. But when you live here, you know that temperatures drop during the colder months of the year (the snowstorm in 2021 was proof of that). 

It’s not often you need a furnace; for most of the year, your air conditioning system does the heavy lifting. But on chilly nights, you rely on your furnace to keep your house warm. With our furnace repair services, you can make sure your home stays comfortable.


What Are the Most Common Furnace Repairs?

Even a well-maintained furnace can break down over time. Our furnace and air conditioning contractors often see the following issues:

  • Dust & debris build-up. A professional HVAC contractor can clean your furnace.
  • Faulty pilot light. If you have a gas furnace, the pilot light may frequently go out or fail to ignite at all. 
  • Broken thermostat. The device wiring may be broken or configured incorrectly. 

Insufficient fuel. Your furnace may not be receiving enough gas or power to function properly.

When Should You Call for a Furnace Repair?

By keeping your HVAC equipment in mint condition, you won’t have to worry about your furnace breaking down on a cold December night. The following signs indicate that it’s time to schedule HVAC service:


Your energy costs are increasing

When a furnace needs repairs, its energy efficiency begins to diminish. Your monthly bills hike up, even if you aren’t using more power than usual. This is an early sign that repairs are in order.


Poor indoor air quality

Do you notice a strange smell in your home? You might think that something is burning. HVAC units contain filters that act as air cleaners; over time, they accumulate with dirt and hair. This could be the source of the odor. 


The temperature does not match the thermostat

No matter how many times you turn up the heat, your house stays frigid and chilly. You may also notice inconsistent temperatures; some rooms may be warm, while others feel chilly.

Our Furnace Repair Services

 Our HVAC contractors are here to help. We offer maintenance services to keep your existing system in top shape.

Classic Air Conditioning & Heating is a locally owned and operated company. We also offer furance installation, and heat pump services.



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Is your HVAC system not performing the way it should? With our heating services, you can ensure your home stays comfortable year-round. 

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