Commercial HVAC Services

Extensive experience installing and maintaining large-scale HVAC systems.

Commercial properties in the Texas Hill Country need the right heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to thrive. With the right system, you can save money, ensure comfort for stakeholders, and keep temperature-sensitive assets safe.


At Classic, we offer commercial heating and cooling services in and around New Braunfels. In fact, we’re the exclusive HVAC service provider for Gruene Hall, Nissan of New Braunfels, Gristmill River Restaurant & Bar, Cantina del Rio, Mozie’s Restaurant, Gruene Antique Co., Kool Smiles Dentistry, The duPerier Texas Land Man, LLC, & many more businesses. We’ll create a custom solution for your business to help you reduce overhead costs, all while making your business more attractive to clients, tenants, buyers, and more. 

Customized HVAC Solutions

We create custom HVAC solutions for commercial buildings. From Energy Star-certified HVAC equipment to HVAC controls and thermostats, we have everything your business needs to create the perfect HVAC solution for your building. 

HVAC System Types for Commercial Spaces

We offer a number of different HVAC solutions for commercial buildings—the solution that’s right for you will depend largely on the size of your building and the level of control that individual units and rooms in your building will need over their heating and cooling.

Rooftop units

Rooftop units are packaged systems that offer both heating and cooling in a single system. These packaged rooftop units are generally modular—this means that heating and cooling capacity can be added if the commercial building expands.


Maintenance and repairs are also easier with modular rooftop units. HVAC contractors can remove and repair a single component of the unit without needing to repair the entire unit—this means that most of your heating and cooling functions may remain intact during repairs.


Indoor air quality, heating, and cooling can all be packaged, controlled, and monitored with rooftop units—they’re among the most popular HVAC systems for medium to large commercial buildings. 

Split systems

Split systems are typically used in smaller commercial buildings—they more closely resemble the heating and cooling you might see in a residential space. There are single-split units that feature one outdoor unit and one indoor unit. Recently, there’s been an increase in energy-efficient multi-split units—these offer more granular control over heating and cooling in multiple rooms.


Generally, businesses with split systems will have both a furnace and air conditioner, though some use a powerful heat pump. These systems may be ducted or ductless.

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems

One of the most important advances in commercial heating and air conditioning is variable refrigerant flow (VRF). VRF provides extraordinary control over commercial air conditioning and heating—each section of a commercial building can control its temperature precisely, and both heating and cooling can be provided simultaneously.


VRF systems are ductless—with no ductwork needed, VRF systems are more energy efficient and provide better air quality. The zoning and temperature control offered by VRF is unmatched.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

When you’re looking to install or replace an existing commercial HVAC system, it’s important to consider how energy efficiency can reduce your overhead costs over time. A system with a higher upfront cost could provide significant savings in the long run. 


There are energy rebates and incentives that could help your company afford a high-quality commercial heating and cooling system. New Braunfels Utilities has customized rebates for commercial clients—contact them to learn about the rebates you could receive for energy-efficient HVAC system upgrades. 

Indoor Air Quality Considerations

Building sickness is a real phenomenon—with proper maintenance and the right commercial HVAC system, you can help eliminate it. Consider air filtration systems as part of your HVAC equipment selection. For ducted systems, regular HVAC duct cleaning can also help improve air quality.


You should also consider ductless systems like VRF where viable—this can help reduce the presence of airborne particles in your building. 

Emergency HVAC Services and Support

To get the most benefit out of your commercial HVAC system, you need a company that provides comprehensive commercial HVAC services, including HVAC design and installation, repairs, and maintenance. At Classic, we offer commercial HVAC maintenance contracts to keep your system working perfectly and have 24/7 emergency support.


We can also help you with energy assessments, advise you on which HVAC monitoring systems to install, and help with overall commercial HVAC system optimization.


For installation, service, and support for commercial HVAC systems call Classic today!