Heat Pumps New Braunfels

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Heat pumps are the heating and air conditioning solution for New Braunsfels. Here at Classic, we install, repair, and maintain heat pumps. Interested in a heating and cooling system that will work within your budget? We offer free estimates for installation and repair—contact us today! 

Understanding Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are all-in-one heating and cooling systems for your home. They’re air conditioners that can work in reverse:

  • When in cooling mode, they draw hot air from your home and shunt it outside.
  • When in heating mode, they draw hot air from outside and blow it into your home.

There are several different types of heat pumps. Most residential heat pumps are air-source heat pumps—they draw heat from the air outdoors. This is possible even in freezing temperatures!

Geothermal (ground source) and water source heat pumps also exist, though they’re typically reserved for commercial use.

A heat pump is the perfect solution for many homeowners because it acts as both an air conditioner and a heat source. They don’t cost a lot to operate, they’re relatively inexpensive to purchase, and they have a long lifespan!

Heat Pumps in New Braunfels: The Perfect Solution

Here in New Braunfels, air conditioning is essential—our summers are way too hot to go without it. Unfortunately, our winters are cold enough that we need heat but not so cold that a furnace always makes sense. When your furnace is in disrepair, you should consider buying a heat pump instead of getting a new furnace.

Your heat pump will act as both a heating system and an air conditioner—because the unit is all in one, maintenance and repairs tend to be less expensive. 

There are financial incentives for purchasing a heat pump, too—they tend to be more energy efficient and eco-friendly than purchasing both an air conditioner and a furnace. New Braunfels Utilities offers rebates to homeowners who purchase high-efficiency heat pumps. 

Choosing the Right Heat Pump

To purchase a heat pump, you’ll need air ducts—they work like central air conditioning systems. We recommend purchasing a heat pump with a high-efficiency rating (SEER/HSPF)—you’ll get a better rebate and lower your energy bills. Over time, that can add up to more savings than if you’d purchased one of the lower-efficiency HVAC systems.

Our team in New Braunfels offers full-service heat pump installation—we’ll help you select and install the perfect heat pump for your home. Too big or too small, and your heat pump won’t heat or cool your home properly—we’ll do all the calculations for you to ensure maximum comfort and energy efficiency. 


Can a heat pump provide sufficient heating during colder winter months in New Braunfels?

Absolutely. New Braunfels has the perfect climate for heat pumps—our winters aren’t cold enough that we need traditional furnaces, but our summers are hot enough that air conditioning is essential.

Are there any rebates, incentives, or tax credits available for heat pump installation in New Braunfels?

There are! Check out the rebates available from New Braunfels Utilities. We also offer financing for our heat pumps. 

How long does a typical heat pump system last?

Heat pumps can last 15 years or longer—with regular maintenance and repairs, your heat pump will maintain its efficiency for years!

Are there any noise concerns associated with heat pumps?

Your heat pump may be a bit louder than a furnace, but they’re generally not too noisy. There are also low-noise heat pumps available.