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You deserve to live in comfort – to provide a cool sanctuary for your family and friends during the sweltering summer months. You need a reliable cooling system that will keep your home breezy all season long without costing a fortune.

Classic Heating and Air Conditioning is a New Braunfels company, and we’re family owned. We pride ourselves on taking care of our customers as though they were our own family. That means friendly, punctual technicians who are willing to go the extra mile to help you. It means honest pricing, open dialogue, and reliable service.

We provide expert air conditioner installation, maintenance and repair to keep your home cool, comfortable and energy efficient all summer. Contact us today to schedule a tune-up or estimate for a new system. Beat the Texas heat with Classic!

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As the old saying goes, anyone can talk the talk – what matters is whether or not you can walk the walk. Here’s how we ensure your satisfaction:

  • We offer free service calls.
  • You can speak to the owner of the company, John Magninat, anytime you have questions or concerns.
  • We offer 0% financing.
  • We offer both Trane and Lennox products – they’re two of the best in the industry; that means a wide selection, which means more options to serve you better.
  • We’ve been serving New Braunfels since 2005.

As for our professionalism, please take a look at our reviews. We’re proud to have so many satisfied clients, and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. When we say we’re a family company, we mean it – we’ll treat you well.

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    Air Conditioning & Cooling Services

    Air Conditioning Repairs

    Air conditioners are built for your comfort. That means if your air conditioner is making you uncomfortable, it’s not working properly. Some signs your AC might need repairs include:

    • Your home isn’t cool enough on hot days.
    • Your AC is making strange noises when turned on.
    • Your energy bills spike during summer months.

    There are all kinds of potential AC problems. Some can be fixed easily – a new filter or recharging refrigerant. Other times, you’ll need one of our expert technicians to repair your air conditioner. When that happens, we can give you a cost estimate to help decide whether repairing or replacing your system is best. For most newer units, AC tune-ups and minor repairs will be all you need to stay cool.


    Air Conditioning Installation

    Staying cool and comfortable at home is a top priority during hot Texas summers. If you don’t have central air or your current system needs replacing, AC installation is the solution. Our team provides full-service air conditioner installation to keep your home breezy all summer long.

    When installing your new air conditioner, we handle everything from start to finish:

    • Site evaluation – We assess your home’s size, layout, and existing ductwork to recommend a properly sized AC system. This ensures efficiency and even cooling.
    • Permits and paperwork – We take care of pulling all required permits and completing all documentation. No hassle for you.
    • Installation – Our technicians will install the new outdoor condenser and indoor air handler, integrate it with your ductwork, refrigerant and electrical connections.
    • Testing – Once installed, we thoroughly test the AC system to ensure optimal performance..

    With new high-efficiency AC systems, you’ll enjoy lower energy bills and consistent comfort on even the hottest days. Contact us today to schedule your installation. Beat the Texas heat with cooler home air!

    Ductless AC

    Ductless ACs are perfect for spaces that are hard to cool with traditional central AC – like additions, garages or upstairs rooms that get hot. Cooling is delivered efficiently right where you need it, without running ducts through the house.

    Ductless systems can also help lower your energy bills as you only cool occupied spaces. And with multiple indoor units on one outdoor compressor, you can customize cooling zones in your home.

    We offer ductless AC installation and repair services to keep your ductless system running optimally. Ductless units require minimal invasion to your home since no ductwork is needed. Contact us today to learn more about ductless cooling! We can recommend the ideal mini-split system for your unique needs.

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