Air Conditioning & Allergies: Creating A Healthy Indoor Environment

by | Jul 31, 2023 | AC Maintenance

When the heat of a Texan mid-summer is upon you, it’s tough to imagine how people survived before the invention of modern climate control. You gratefully rely on the comfort and peace of mind that your air conditioner provides, and yet somewhere in the back of your mind you wonder if perhaps you might also be allergic to it.

If you experience allergy symptoms in your home when the air conditioner is operating, you’re not alone. In fact, many people notice an increase in allergic reactions when they begin regularly running their air conditioning systems.


In this post, we’ll take a look. We’ll consider why air conditioning is sometimes associated with allergies, review symptoms to be on alert for, and finish off with some tips on creating the healthiest indoor air quality possible.

Can Air Conditioning Cause Allergic Reactions?

Sometimes, yes. But maybe not exactly how you’re imagining it. While people aren’t actually allergic to their air conditioners (generally speaking), they are often allergic to the contaminants that their air conditioning may circulate through their living space.

In other words, an air conditioner can disseminate allergens such as dust, pet dander, mold, mildew, bacteria, viruses, and more throughout a home or workspace, triggering ongoing reactions in people with seasonal or environmental allergies. People with asthma may also be at higher risk from such contaminants.

Symptoms Associated With Air Contamination

Are you experiencing one or more of the following symptoms? Poor quality air circulated by your air conditioner could be at least partially to blame:

  • Sneezing
  • Sniffling
  • Coughing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Watery eyes
  • Fatigue
  • Itching
  • Sore throat

How To Minimize Allergy Symptoms

While air conditioners can circulate air contaminants, the good news is that they do also contribute to improved indoor air quality when properly maintained and monitored. Use the tips below to ensure that your home’s air quality remains as pure as possible:

Clean or Replace A/C Filters Regularly

If you’re not sure whether you have a disposable or reusable air filter, our team at Classic Services will be happy to advise you.

Keep Your Entire HVAC System Clean

Ducts, registers, and vents all require regular care and maintenance to remain clean. Classic Services can help.

Maintain Your A/C Seasonally

Getting seasonal tune-ups can greatly improve the function and prolong the life of your A/C unit.

Get an Air Purifier

A HEPA filter can remove additional allergens from the air in your home or workplace.

Maintain a Clean and Tidy Home

Sweep and vacuum regularly, keep surfaces clean, and don’t let garbage or debris pile up.

Monitor Humidity and Check for Mold

Mold and mildew love humidity. Fortunately, your air conditioning system can actually help to dehumidify your home and keep it dry and free of contaminants.


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