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Air conditioners are designed to bring comfort and safety to your home in the Texas summer heat.


Unfortunately, many people find that their upper floors get too hot in the summertimeeven when their AC is on full blast. In this article, we’ll tell you why your upper floors get too hotand what to do to fix the problem. 

Heat RisesSort Of

You’ve heard the expression “heat rises”, so you might not be surprised that your upper floors are hotter than your main floor or basement. 


Truth be told, though, it’s not heat that risesit’s hot air that does. Heat is energy that travels from hot to coldit can move in any direction.


Hot air, on the other hand, does rise. That’s because air expands when it’s hot, and that expansion reduces its density. This causes the hotter air to “float” on top of cooler airand it means your upper floors will get warmer than your main floor.


One way you can prevent this is with proper insulation. Insulation resists heat flow and can act as a barrier between the air on your upper floors and the air on your main floor. 

There May Be a Problem With Your Air Conditioner

Unless your insulation between floors is perfect, your upstairs will almost always be a little warmer than your main floor. That being said, if there’s a drastic difference between your upper and lower floors, it may be because there are problems with your AC system. Issues that can cause a difference in temperature between floors include:


  • Dents, cracks, holes, and other defects in your air vents
  • An air conditioner that’s too old
  • An air conditioner that’s undersized
  • Air filters that are clogged
  • Registers that are closed on the upper floors
  • And more


In most homes, air conditioners are found on the main floorand hot air rises. When combined, these two factors make it much more likely that hot upper floors are a symptom of problems with your air conditioner.  

How You Can Cool Down Your Upper Floors

There are a few tips and tricks you can use to keep your upper floors cool, even in the dog days of summer. You should:


  • Close blinds and shades to block the sun
  • Insulate between floorsand insulate your attic
  • Repair and maintain your air conditioner
  • Repair your ducts
  • Upgrade your AC system


There are a couple of ways that upgrading your system can improve circulation to your upper floors. The first is that a properly sized new system may provide more cooling than your old system. The second is that you can upgrade to zoned systems, which enable you to set the temperature for different zones individually. This gives you better control over the amount of cooling your upper floors will receive. 

Call Classic To Stay Cool!

Your AC could be malfunctioningand that could cause it to lose cooling potential. If you think you need repairs or maintenance for your AC, give us a call. We offer AC repair in Boerne, TX,as well as routine maintenance plans and replacements.


When your upstairs is so hot it’s causing your hair to fray, call Classic right away!


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Karrie Mikle
Karrie Mikle
Everyone I have dealt with at Classic over the last several years always go the extra mile with customer service. Reliable, pleasant and knowledgeable team - especially JOEY SCALA!
Sarah Rogers
Sarah Rogers
Eddie, Isaac and saul did amazing work, talked to me about everything, and made sure they installed my new ac properly. Thank yall so much!
William Bragg
William Bragg
We've been using Classic Air Conditioning & Heating Services for the past five years to include Installation of new units (flawless by the way), bi-annual check-ups that are scheduled and carried out without a second thought on my part, and in emergencies (backed up drain in the bathroom with a response time in under 24 hours to troubleshoot the problem). Their technicians are master's at their craft, personable, and cut to the chase on his service calls. I never feel like I'm being given the run around or a sales pitch with this company. Today, Mitchell Wesch went above and beyond walking us through what was happening and provided a multitude of options and expected timelines for future repairs. Once again, a great example of exemplary customer service. He was able to troubleshoot the problem with zero delay. We're ready for the Texas summer, and are already looking forward to the next scheduled service call. Thank you Classic Services for keeping our home healthy and happy.
Sondra Von Gyllenband
Sondra Von Gyllenband
These folks are kind and helpful. They will above and beyond to assist. They make sure what needs to be done is done. Sondra
Lexie Gillotti
Lexie Gillotti
Theresa did an amazing job! She informed me about everything she was doing and took extra pictures so I could have them for my record. She was quick but still answered all my questions. She definitely saved the day when my condensor froze over on the coldest day of the year, leaving my family in the cold. She was out at my house within the hour and had everything fixed in minutes.
Very professional presentation and very very quick arrival day Same Day to our needs much better than anyone in San Antonio, very disappointed with services from San Antonio. Importantly corrected our problem in same day. Took their time and gave advice and great great pricing. Won’t go anywhere else. Will always consider local businesses instead.
Stephanie Corona
Stephanie Corona
Well, once again, Classic comes to the rescue. I am on their yearly maintenance plan and yesterday Nate showed up for a late afternoon service call. Nate was professional, friendly and knowledgeable. This company never ceases to impress me. From the person that answers the phone to the people that come out to help. ALWAYS on time, responsive and caring. GREAT JOB NATE!!!

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