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Do you have a lingering cough that just won’t go away despite your heavy use of store-bought cold medicines? When your chest becomes wracked with the incessant throb of a cough, it’s time to figure out its primary source and how you can fix it. The truth is that your air conditioning could be contributing to your chronic cough. To help you find out whether this is indeed the culprit, we compiled this list of possible reasons your AC unit might be making you sick.

A dirty filter can cause allergy symptoms

It isn’t uncommon to find individuals who suffer from allergy symptoms when exposed to pollen, dust, and other common pollutants. They might have a runny and stuffy nose, dry eyes, itchy skin, or a seemingly incurable cough. Your air filter is responsible for removing these items from your home each day, but it can’t perform effectively if it needs to be replaced. In fact, most homeowners should change their air filter every thirty to ninety days.

When you change the filter, be sure to get a model that is ideal for removing pollutants from the air. It’s recommended to purchase a basic pleated style instead of the flat fiberglass ones that fall on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

Your air might be too cold

Have you ever felt like you were frequently shivering or freezing inside your home? This might feel nice once in a while on a particularly hot day, but it isn’t good for your overall health to experience it daily. Your body temperature needs to maintain a balance in order to function effectively and maintain your immune system’s responses. Too much cold air can eliminate its ability to do so.

The best solution, in this case, would be to raise the temperature by a few degrees. This prevents the air conditioning unit from running as often and can lower your likelihood of developing a cough.  

Mold is growing in your system

Mold can infiltrate your sinuses and lungs, causing a chronic and miserable cough when you encounter high levels of exposure. If you have a lot of moisture in your home, there’s a possibility that you have water droplets building up inside of your ductwork and in other sensitive areas around the home. The excess water might be caused by the condensation as your home moves more cold air through the hot atmosphere.

You should check with a local HVAC company to ensure that you don’t have mold growing in your ductwork as a result of a pinhole leak or another major issue. A dehumidifier may also help to get rid of the moist breeding ground that can inevitably lead to mold growth.

You don’t have to suffer all the way through the summer months with your cough. Call Classic Air Conditioning and Heating, and have your air conditioning equipment fully checked by one of our AC repair professionals. We might be able to help restore your health with just a simple tune-up.