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Here in San Antonio, air conditioning provides more than just comfort—it provides safety. When your air conditioner isn’t working, you can count on Classic Air Conditioning & Heating to provide emergency air conditioning repair services. 

Our team of licensed HVAC professionals can tackle any AC problems you might have. We work quickly and efficiently, and our services are affordable. When you need AC repair in San Antonio, there’s only one name you need to remember: Classic. 

Top-Rated Air Conditioner and Heating Services in San Antonio, TX

We are one of the highest-rated air conditioner repair companies in all of San Antonio—and we’ve got the testimonials to prove it. Hundreds of customers have given our services a 5-star rating. We keep Texans cool in the dead of summer and warm in the winter. 

Keep cool air circulating through your home or business all summer long; we offer air conditioner repair, air conditioner installation, and regular maintenance. We also offer heat pumps that keep you cool in the summer and warm when the cold weather sets in. With our services, you can save on energy bills, get a more efficient cooling system, and have extra control over the temperature in your home.

Excellent customer service, monthly savings, and a more comfortable place to live—that’s the Classic promise. 

Air Conditioning Repair in San Antonio

Air conditioners can be plagued by all kinds of problems, including:

  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Sensor and thermostat problems
  • Blocked drains
  • Corrosion of wires and terminals
  • Damaged compressors
  • Frozen evaporator coils
  • Dirty filters
  • And much more

These problems can lead to poor indoor air quality, strange noises, higher power bills, a less comfortable environment, or even—worst of all—an air conditioner that stops working altogether!

Our technicians will diagnose the problem with your air conditioning system. Once they’ve done so, they’ll repair the problem—most repairs are done on the same day because we always ensure to keep the tools and parts needed for common problems on hand.

We pride ourselves on our outstanding service, so we’ll give you a precise quote before we start our repairs. There may be times when it’s better to replace a broken air conditioner instead of repairing it; we’ll tell you well in advance. We can help you calculate whether it’s more efficient to repair or replace your AC system.

You can count on the team at Classic for emergency air conditioning repair all summer long. No repair is too complicated for our team—we keep our cool while we help you keep yours. Need AC repair in San Antonio? Call Classic today! 

Heating Repairs in San Antonio

Here in San Antonio, cooling is the focus for most of the year—but when your furnace dies on a cold January morning, you’ll want a team you can rely on. 

Classic has your back—we’ll repair your heating system. We offer furnace repair, whether you’ve got a gas furnace or an electric furnace. We also offer heat pump repair. When repairs aren’t an option, we offer heating installation—we can replace your old system with a more efficient one.

Furnaces and other heating systems can have all kinds of problems, including:

  • Faulty thermostat systems
  • Problems with pilot lights
  • Clogged filters
  • Damaged heat exchangers
  • Worn out electrical
  • Malfunctioning blower belts
  • Systems that are too small (or too big)

These problems can lead to anything from unpleasant smells and loud noises to total furnace failure. 

Our team is equipped with all of the tools and equipment needed to fix most heating system problems the day you call us. When it’s below freezing in San Antonio, you can count on Classic to keep you and your family warm. 

New HVAC System Installations

The weather in San Antonio is unique—it’s incredibly hot in the summer, and while we have cool winters, they’re not nearly as cold as some other places. 

There’s a huge benefit to this type of weather: We can use heat pumps. Heat pumps are the HVAC systems that we find ourselves recommending to more and more San Antonio residents. They offer both air conditioning and heating in a single package. All-in-one air conditioning and heating means fewer repairs and systems that need to be installed—and that leads to savings.

When you hire Classic for HVAC installation, we’ll help you choose the perfect system for your needs. We can replace the outdoor unit with a new mini-split AC unit or keep your ducted unit. We can find you a more energy-efficient model that will save you money over time. Our systems will help you stay cool all summer and warm all winter—and with your new system installed by our expert technicians, you can rely on us for repairs, maintenance, and more.

Our new installations come with excellent warranties—call Classic Cooling & Heating for HVAC installation in San Antonio today! 

Maintenance Plans for Your Air Conditioning System

Want to keep your air conditioning system running smoothly all year round? We offer maintenance plans in San Antonio. Our maintenance services include changing your filters, cleaning your system, ensuring that all electronics are secured and properly coupled, checking for potential problems, and more.

We want San Antonio residents to take full advantage of our maintenance service—this high-quality service will lower your energy bills and keep your heating and air conditioning systems running for longer. We know that if you use our service, you’ll need fewer repairs—that’s why we offer 20% off repairs when you sign up for our maintenance plans. You’ll also get priority service, and you can even be eligible for discounts on a new system.

Keep your AC unit running smoothly all summer long—sign up for a Classic maintenance plan today!

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At Classic, we offer comprehensive heating and air conditioning services, from air conditioning maintenance to new system installations. Our philosophy is simple—we want everyone in San Antonio to have access to reliable heating and air conditioning. 

We’ve worked hard to build and maintain a reputation of trustworthiness, reliability, and excellent customer service. Repair, installation, maintenance, and more—all under one roof. 

Need help with your HVAC system in San Antonio? You know the name—it’s got to be Classic. Contact us today!

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