Boerne: A Brief History

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Even those who have spent their entire lives in Boerne may go without knowing its history. It is not uncommon for us to forget what makes our town unique and exactly how it came to be. Every city has a story behind it that explains where many of our customs and traditions originate. Understanding the history behind your hometown can give you a greater sense of appreciation for the place you call home. 

If you have never cracked open a history book to see the foundations of Boerne, here is a quick glimpse into the past. 

Settling in the Area

The history of the area really goes back to the year 1849 when a small group of German explorers and colonists placed their camp on the northern side of the Cibolo Creek. This major landmark runs along our city and was a very important feature when the town was first founded. The initial settlement was roughly a mile away from what we would consider the present-day city of Boerne. 

Settlers decided to call this original town Tusculum. However, the geography of the area was changed just slightly. Two important men, Gustav Theissen and John James, mapped out the new site of their settlement and expanded it to include the territory now known as Boerne. Along with this, they gave the town its title after German poet Ludwig Borne. 

Town Development

The very first establishment to be built in Boerne was a post office, constructed in 1856. From here, the town was set on its path to becoming the bustling urban area that it is now. William Dietert moved on to found the very first business, a gristmill and sawmill. He was followed by others who wanted their own share in the success of the town. 

Before you knew it, Boerne had a blacksmith, a livery, a butcher shop, and a general store. Boerne became a very self-sufficient town instead of relying on the surrounding areas to provide for its needs. 

The railroad came to town in the year 1887, paving the way for more opportunities in the years to come. The population had risen to 800 and continued to climb as the years went by. Most of the residents relied on tourism and cotton farming to make a living up until the Great Depression hit. 

Modern Day

Today, many people move to Boerne because it is a relatively quiet town that is still quite close to major cities like San Antonio. It provides a wealth of job opportunities while maintaining a relatively low cost of living. It is an easy commute back and forth to the city that many do not seem to mind. 

Boerne Founded in 1849

The city of Boerne was established in 1849 by German immigrants seeking refuge from the German revolutions. Settlers were drawn to the area for its scenic hill country landscape along Cibolo Creek. Boerne soon became a trading center, with development of Main Street and the founding of businesses like the Boerne Star newspaper, which spurred early economic growth.

Experience Boerne’s Natural Beauty

Boerne provides plenty of ways to enjoy the outdoors, from hiking at Cibolo Nature Center to strolls through Main Plaza. Be sure to visit the 3 best places to see in Boerne and enjoy the area’s mild climate.

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