The Advantages Of Using Window AC Units

by | Apr 23, 2023 | HVAC

Here at Classic, we don’t install or repair window air conditioners.

So why talk about them?

We’re a team of AC experts. We know that not everyone has access to our preferred air conditioning methods, like central air conditioning and ductless mini-splits. We know that summer in New Braunfels and the rest of southern Texas can get unbearably hot.

Our goal is to keep everyone comfortable year-round. For some people, window AC units are the best choice. While window AC units aren’t without their problems, this guide will highlight the advantages of window units to help you decide if a window unit is right for you. 

They’re an affordable way to stay cool

One of the biggest advantages of window air conditioners is their affordability. A high-quality window air conditioner can cost you $500 or less. Compare that to the price of a central unit, and you can see why so many people choose window units.

It’s important to know that we still recommend central air for homes; financing is available for central units, and they tend to save you money over time and provide greater comfort. That said, if you need air conditioning now and financing isn’t an option, a window unit makes for an excellent solution.  

They’re energy efficient

Not every window air conditioner is energy efficient, but you can find some energy-efficient models. To find an energy-efficient window air conditioning unit, we highly recommend looking at:

  • The unit’s Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER)
  • The unit’s Energy Efficiency Ration (EER)
  • Whether or not the unit is ENERGY STAR approved

The first two (SEER and EER) are ratios that tell you how energy efficient a unit is. Without getting too technical, we can tell you that the higher the SEER and EER rating of your unit, the more energy efficient it is.

That’s all well and good, but it can be difficult to assess what a good SEER and EER rating is without context. That’s where ENERGY STAR comes in. When a window AC unit is given the ENERGY STAR certification, it means that the EPA has recognized it as a particularly efficient unit—one that will save you money over time.

How efficient your window AC unit is has a lot to do with optimization—we’ll talk about that in a later section. 

Installation is convenient, easy and flexible

Window AC units can be installed almost anywhere there’s a window that you can open—that makes them an incredibly flexible option for all kinds of different living situations.

New models are also relatively lightweight—this means they can be installed even if you’re not particularly strong and that they can often be installed without assistance.

These units generally come with hardware to help you mount them. The hardware helps the window AC units sit perfectly within windows of different sizes—this also creates a seal, preventing airflow.

While installation is simple, we highly recommend you exercise caution when installing your air conditioner. Window AC units falling from their window is a serious concern, especially for units that aren’t installed on the ground floor. Ensure that your AC is securely installed before running it. 

They can be optimized

By keeping your door closed to cool the room your window unit is installed in, you’ll prevent it from trying to cool your entire home. That means it will consume less energy and cost less to run.

You’ll also want to purchase a window AC unit that matches the size of your room—if you have a small room, you need a smaller AC unit. When purchasing your air conditioner, be sure to check the room size it’s rated for.

We’ve got plenty more tips on AC optimization—in fact, we’ve created a whole guide to optimizing your window air conditioner. We think you’ll like it.

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