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An AC runs by pulling all of a room’s air inside a model, cooling it then blowing it back inside the space. If the filter of your air conditioner is in great condition, the air also will get a bit cleaner within the process. If it isn’t, your utility bill will rise, as your air conditioner must work harder to push cool clean air out amidst all of the gunk. Therefore, make certain that you clean the window unit’s filter at the minimum of one time per month.

Almost all filters are washable. Just pull out the filter then rinse it inside the tub or sink. Then utilize a bit of dishwashing liquid, and scrub using a soft brush to get any extra grime or dust out. Lastly, as the filter is dry, use a dust buster or vacuum cleaner hose over it to get any extra dust. As the filter is dry and clean, simply put it back inside the unit.

Open the AC

Be certain the AC is turned off at the mains. Remove all AC components. You might need to use a screwdriver to dislodge any fitted screws.

Take out Filters

Take out the filters from your AC.

First off, inspect them for any overt indications of wear and tear. If you see any snags or rips, do nor bother with the cleaning; you are better off replacing your filters, because continuing to use them as they’re worn out is going to hamper efficiency.


If the filters do not have to be replaced from tears, use your vacuum to remove any accumulated grime and dirt. Be as thorough as possible for efficient cleaning results. However, be careful, as you don’t want to tear or puncture the filter because, as aforementioned, tears render your filter ineffective.

Sanitize your Filters

Fill up a basin with equal parts vinegar and water. Be certain that whatever container used is big enough so that the filters are going to be fully submerged as placed inside. The vinegar kills harmful allergens and bacteria which might have accumulated inside the filters.


Permit the filters enough time to soak inside the cleaning solution. If you haven’t recently cleaned the filters, leave them for around 4 hours to get sanitized properly. But, if the filters have just been moderately used or recently have been cleaned, soak for an hour.


Take out the AC filters from the solution and permit the mix to drain off. Don’t rinse the filters because doing it will reverse the impact of the sanitizing procedure. It’s possible to place them onto a clean, old towel so that all excess solution gets absorbed by the towel.


Permit the filters to naturally dry while still on the towel. It’s better to put the towel in the yard or wherever a little sunshine is shining to facilitate efficient drying.

Fit your Filters

Fit the filters back into the AC then replace the AC components. You now can enjoy more breathable, cleaner air.

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