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    We've been in business since 2005, helping residents keep their homes and businesses comfortable. Locally owned and operated, we're a fully licensed, fully staffed Boerne air conditioning and heating company with the size and capability to meet all your needs, yet small enough to be affordable.  We're also extremely dedicated to providing personalized service and a friendly small business touch that keeps our customers coming back.

  • Our solutions

  • We offer a full line up of residential ac & heating services.

    • Residential service and repair
    • Residential maintenance and service plans
    • Residential system replacement
    • Residential new construction design and install

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  • We offer commercial ac and heating service, up to 20 ton system.

    • Commercial service and repair
    • Commercial maintenance and service plans
    • Commercial system replacement
    • Commercial new construction design and install

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  • Our services

  • If you have any type of Air Conditioning or Heating problem, you can trust our local, licensed professionals to quickly respond, expertly diagnose, and provide options for the most efficient repair or solution available.  

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  • We're proud to offer our customers top of the line Lennox products.  Lennox is the industry leader and was rated #1 for 2016, receiving the coveted Gold Award by TopTen Reviews.

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  • Regular maintenance = Better air quality, lower utility bills, longer system life, and avoiding costly repairs by catching any problems early.

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  • We provide comprehensive HVAC system design for all types of new construction, residential and commercial.  We work with builders, planners, business and home-owners to ensure the best possible design for all new structures.

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  • Boerne Air Conditioning Services

    Do you currently have a reliable, honest and competitively priced HVAC company in Boerne, TX that you can rely on in an emergency? If your HVAC system suddenly developed a fault would you be forced to call the first number in the phone book and hope that it was a good deal?

    Here at Classic Air Conditioning and Heating, we have established an enviable reputation within the local community for reliability, fast, efficient workmanship, at competitive prices. We don’t just offer emergency repair services though, and in all honesty, prevention is much more economical and less stressful than cure, which is why we offer the following additional services to our customers.

    Economical AC Maintenance Program

    One of the most popular services we sell, our air conditioner maintenance program, ensures that your system is regularly maintained and serviced to ensure that it continues to work at maximum efficiency.

    Regular servicing also ensures that any potential issues are identified and remedied quickly before they can develop into more serious and expensive problems. Some of the benefits of enrolling in our maintenance program include

    • Ensuring That The System Runs Efficiently – As ac units have evolved they have also become much more technical and efficient. However, this efficiency can be severely compromised if the system is not regularly serviced and maintained properly. Something a simple as a blocked filter, for instance, can force the motors to work much harder than required, which over time will then cause problems with that part of the system. Regular maintenance will prevent these problems from developing and should ensure that the system provides hassle-free operation for many years to come.
    • Regular Servicing Can Prevent Your Energy Costs From Increasing – As with any mechanical system, the less efficient it is, the most expensive that system is to run. If your ac does not seem to be as powerful as in previous years, or you have noticed that your energy bills have started to increase drastically, the culprit could easily be your air conditioning system. Call us today to arrange a full service and discuss enrolling in our maintenance program, before anything really bad (or expensive) starts to happen with your air conditioning unit. These initial symptoms are your early warning signs that problems could be developing.
    • Reduced Emergency Call Outs And Priority Response If and When Required- Once your system is being regularly serviced and maintained the chances of any subsequent faults or issues developing are drastically reduced. However, with anything mechanical things can always go wrong, and once again that is another benefit of being a member of the maintenance program. Speak to any HVAC engineer or company, and they will tell you that summer and winter are the peak periods for call outs within the industry. Those are the times when your HVAC system is under the most stress and consequently is most likely to develop a fault. Potentially a failure of your HVAC system could be catastrophic for any business owner if the business has to shut down while awaiting repairs. However, as a member of the maintenance program, you will receive priority over anyone who simply calls in looking for emergency service. This perk alone could potentially save your business thousands of dollars.

    AC Repair Services

    Although the maintenance program will ensure that your equipment will last as long as possible, the older your system gets, the more the chances of a breakdown increases. When it comes to air conditioning repair Boerne, TX has a number of companies to choose from. We want you to know that at Classic Services our team of technicians will do everything possible to repair your system economically. We also place our customers at the center of every decision, so our technicians will discuss all of the various options, and try to offer guidance on the best solution for the problem. Our staff will always provide you with all of the information, and then let you make the best business decision for your personal circumstances. It is company policy to ensure that all of our clients have at least a basic understanding of the options in order that they can make an educated business decision.

    Air Conditioner Replacement

    At some point in any companies life, the time will come when their ac system needs to be replaced. This need not necessarily be due to a fault or problem if for instance your company has enjoyed some prosperity, and had to employ more staff, then the current air conditioning system may no longer be sufficiently powerful to service the building.

    Our team of fully qualified and certified engineers will be happy to advise you on the best way to either upgrade or replace your current system. We only use the best quality equipment, which we know will provide the results our business owners demand. We can also work within a set budget, and even advise on the best ways to reduce the overall cost of Boerne air conditioning installations.

    Boerne HVAC Services

    Whatever your HVAC needs or problems Classic Air is your first port of call for all of your HVAC requirements. We have been in business for over ten years, and have many more years of combined knowledge and experience within the Texas industry. The vast majority of our new business comes from personal recommendation, something which we are very proud of, and which we believe vindicates the time and effort we put in for every client.

    Once companies choose us as their HVAC supplier, they rarely if ever leave us. This is because we are reliable, honest and provide old-fashioned customer service in modern industry. Give us a call today and speak to our friendly customer service team about your requirements.

  • We've teamed with Service Finance Company to offer financing for those with good credit.  The online application is quick & easy.